Kruger and Hodges Attorneys at Law

“We are Personal Injury Lawyer, Criminal Defense & Car accident Lawyer in Hamilton, Ohio. Our team has years of experience representing personal injury victims and criminal defendants. When you hire our law firm, you will never be unable to reach your lawyer. Our clients get our personal phone numbers and we respond to calls, text messages, emails & any other type of communication. Our lawyers have wide-ranging experiences that complement each other. One of our lawyers has years of daily courtroom experience in front of the very judges who will hear your case. The other lawyer began his career at one of the most prestigious law firms in Ohio where he assisted in the defense of large corporations and governmental entities. This sets us apart!”

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Kruger and Hodges Attorneys at Law
Address: 220 S Monument Ave Ste 100,Hamilton, OH 45011, USA
Phone: 513-894-3333

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